urban crow roost noise

Asked June 3, 2014, 1:11 PM EDT

We have an increase of crows in our neighborhood. Hundreds in the trees and they are very loud and disruptive to sleeping and sanity. What can we mere mortals do?? Thanks from a sleep deprived resident in NE Salem.

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Our Wildlife Extension Specialist is currently out of state, but emailed be as to what would be your best bet since you are in an urban environment - and those crows can be pesky.

1) call Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife HQ with their street address and get the name and number for their local District Biologist, 2)Call the District Bio and request a site visit for this nuisance situation and see if they can offer help with at least hazing the animals and 3) Get any other neighbors witnessing the same problem to call with the same request so that it’s obvious that it’s a neighborhood problem. ODFW headquarters can be reached at 503-947-6000.

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