Corn Pests

Asked June 3, 2014, 1:06 PM EDT

whats eating my corn

Houston County Texas

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Your question is vague as there could be a number of things that are affecting your corn
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Insect Pests

  • Integrated pest management, including crop rotation and planting resistant hybrids are commonly practiced.
  • Major insects include spider mites, European and southwestern corn borers, western corn rootworm, Mexican rootworm, corn earworm, and fall armyworm.
  • Bifenthrin (Capture) is used to control borers and mites. Permethrin (Pounce, Ambush) and esfenvalerate (Asana) are also used.
  • Carbofuran (Furadan- a carbonate), chlorpyrifos (Lorsban- an OP), dimethoate (Cygon- an OP), and terbufos (Counter- an OP) are commonly used but are targeted for review under FQPA.
Weeds .
  • Pigweed, annual grass, several perennial broadleaf weeds and johnsongrass are major problems.
  • Atrazine is the primary herbicide and is used on 70% of the corn acreage. Atrazine is a mainstay herbicide but its use is under review by the EPA. Other herbicides commonly used include metolachlor (DUAL), dicamba (Banvel), nicosulfuron (Accent), and dimethenamid (Frontier).