prohibited blackberry variety

Asked June 2, 2014, 10:23 AM EDT

I am interested in planting blackberries in central TX. Milam county to be more specific. One variety I was considering is Triple Crown, however some nurseries say they are prohibited to ship that variety to TX. Is there a list of varieties that are prohibited here in TX, and why are they prohibited?

Milam County Texas

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I am unaware of any plant quarantines on any blackberries in Texas. Triple Crown was developed by USDA. It is a trailing-type plant--no erectness in growth habit, thus it must be trellised. The berry delivers excellent flavor, but has little firmness and is thus best used for home use or pick-your-own operation. It will not work for a commercial planting with berries being shipped any distance.
I would be careful with Triple Crown also from the standpoint of chilling requirement. In my previous experience with this variety, it sets little fruit in low chill areas. Milam County is medium chilling, and you may experience insufficient chilling with Triple Crown in some years.
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