sweet woodruff and carex

Asked May 30, 2014, 8:49 PM EDT

I have a bed of carex that grows very well for ten years. Many years ago I planted some sweet woodruff plants in another area of my garden. They didn't take. However, later on I noticed that sweet woodruff started to grow naturally among the carex. They seemed to be getting along okay so I just let them grow. This spring I noticed that sweet woodruff became very rigorous that they spread to larger area. My husband thought they are killing his beloved carex. Can you tell me whether they can coexist? I had planted invasive Ajuga before and they killed all the grass like plants nearby. Thank you.

Queen Anne's County Maryland gardening groundcovers

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After much debating, we do not have a definitive answer for you. Much of it depends on which cultivar of Carex you have and how long your sweet woodruff continues to thrive. It is likely that both will continue to coexist in your garden and we would not recommend removing either at this time. LW