What are the small, winged insects I found in my home?

Asked May 29, 2014, 5:52 PM EDT

I discovered small, winged insects in a guest room in my home. They are in a down comforter on a shelf primarily, but are also on the bed. They are light tan and do not appear to use their wings. When squashed, they fragment easily. Can I go someplace to find out what they are?

El Paso County Colorado

2 Responses

To identify these insects, start with your local Cooperative Extension office, which is Colorado State University (CSU) Extension's El Paso County office. For contact information, see the El Paso County page of the CSU Extension directory.

If your local office cannot identify the insect, you may send a sample to the campus: Department BSPM-1177, attn: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523. If you send a sample to the campus, include an email address for the response.

Based on your description, the insect probably is not a serious pest but instead is some transient midge or other insect that is abundant outdoors and found its way indoors. If the insects are originating from indoors, they may be fungus gnats, which are associated with houseplant soil, or flies associated with drains, such as moth flies or drain flies.

Thank you so very much! I will take some of the little pests down there. Meanwhile we have torn the room apart and sprayed everything we didn't throw away.