starting a 4-H club in klamath county

Asked May 29, 2014, 4:52 PM EDT

as a past club leader, a few of the older club members are now old enough to have their children in 4-H. we are all interested in starting a community club in Klamath county. In this club we would be offering clothing, food, forestry, woodworking, fiber arts, small animals and a few other projects. what I need is the info as its been a while since I was a community club leader and I know the rules have changed a bit. could you send me the websites and info I will need to share with my other leaders. thankyou for your time.


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Hi. To get involved with 4-H in your area you will need to contact the Klamath County extension office at 541-883-7131 and talk with the 4-H staff there. They can help you with the certification process and connect you with all the resources and people you need.
Thanks for your question and interest in the 4-H program.