Road salt damaged lawn

Asked May 28, 2014, 8:17 PM EDT

I've raked + blown off the sand, flushed the soil with water - tilled, removed debris, and finally laid down tarps (to prevent dandelion/helicopter seeds). 200 sq ft of lawn. I think it's now ready for grass seed..? Issue: City plows push heaps of snow, road salt and sand onto this area, and it's killed everything (except of course the all mighty dandelion). I'm guessing I need a turf type Tall Fescue (for salt resistance - outside of Wheatgrass which is too ugly for a lawn). QUESTION: Where can I find just plain Tall Fescue grass seed - Without being a mix of Ryegrass/Bluegrass or other grasses that will quickly die next spring due to the winter road salt? I only need about 2-3 lbs. AND what soil amendments do I add before putting down this type of grass seed? - IF in fact Tall Fescue is the resolve to my dilemma. Will peat moss be enough to cover it (hide from birds and keep moisture in) - OR - is it best simply to go to the city recycling area to get free compost dirt to cover it up with? Which is better? Do any municipalities (Cedar Rapids) have a program to plant grass seed on city right of ways? Thanks in advance! There are many of us who want to know how to solve this problem.

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Kris D.

Linn County Iowa

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