Protecting grapes in the winter

Asked May 28, 2014, 3:41 PM EDT

Was wondering about growing grapes in our backyard. I live in White Lake, Michigan. Is there anything to do for the winter months to protect against the cold weather ?

Oakland County Michigan grapes viticulture

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Looking like you submitted the same question twice. Generally selecting a variety that can withstand a colder than normal winter in a better practice than trying to protect a cold tender vine from winter cold. There are many cold hardy grapes available. Some of the horticultural practices used to reduce winter damage are; maintaining multiple trunks, mounding soil up over the graft union in the winter, allowing shoots to develop close to the ground which can be buried in the soil during the winter and then brought up to become a new trunk if the trunk is killed. I even had one grower who would lay the entire vine down on the ground and cover with soil and then stand it back up each spring