Ivy that has lost all thier leaves.

Asked May 28, 2014, 2:57 PM EDT

I have a bank covered in English Ivy, and with all the snow this year, the leaves were dead and gone after the melt. I sprayed it with Miracle grow about 4 weeks ago and it does seem to have helped as some leaves are appearing. Also my wife said that some of the vines were just laying there, broken off. Should I rake out the dead leaves? What about the vines? Thanks Ed

Chester County Pennsylvania

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The symptoms you describe on your ivy are not uncommon this spring. The severity of the cold this winter has produced these symptoms on a lot of evergreens. The very low temperatures prevent movement of water in the plant, and wind dries the leaves to the point where the die. Your ivy should survive and produce new leaves as the weather warms.

Do NOT fertilize the ivy. That will only stress the plants in this condition. Keep an eye on your plants and water if necessary. At this point that is about all you can do.
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