Orange growth

Asked May 28, 2014, 2:10 PM EDT

Our neighbor chopped down about 50 branches from his lavender bushes on Monday and all had this strange orange stuff on the leaves as shown in the pictures. It appears that he was only chopping down the branches with the orange stuff. Any idea what it is? Is it harmful to young children as there are leaves with it all over our yard now? Thank you!

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From the picture, it appears that the lavender bushes could have one of the following problems:
Alfalfa mosaic virus causes bright yellow patches on lavender shoots and leaves. While this disease does not kill lavender plants, it does reduce plant vigor.
A fungus, known as lavender leaf spot, causes leaves to develop a yellow tinge and also leads to leaf spotting and leaf drop.
Nematodes are an insect pest of lavender that can cause yellow leaves. This tiny, eel-like worm cannot be seen with the naked eye, but affected plants show symptoms similar to plants that are lacking in water and nutrients, such as yellow leaves and a loss of vigor.
While the leaves in your yard may be unsightly, they pose no health problems for pets or people.