silt grass invastion

Asked May 27, 2014, 10:55 AM EDT

I am having a silt grass problem. It started 3 yrs. ago with just a few small patches. By the end of last season I had some major areas of my lawn completely taken over. I've tried Scott's turf builder + 2 but it seems to have no effect. What is the best course of action to erradicate this weed?

New Castle County Delaware

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Japanese Stiltgrass is a summer annual grass that is best controlled by application of a pre-emergent herbicide to control seed germination in the early spring (mid-March to early April) and by low mowing to prevent the plant from going to seed. You can use glyphosate-based products on patches in late summer before seed heads develop with care not to over-spray on desirable plants. Stiltgrass is easy to hand pull later in the growing season (and before seed heads appear) and should be disposed of in a landfill or by burning. This invasive grass can produce 100-1000 seeds per plant that can be viable in the soil for up to five years. Therefore, it is important to persist in these treatments for several years and to be vigilant to immediately treat any recurrence thereafter.

I hope you find this information helpful and encouraging.