blueberry pruning the first year

Asked May 26, 2014, 7:28 PM EDT

I just read your response to the above title and you recommended pruning the flowers the first year. Too late. I have about 30 blueberries on my plant. Do I pick them now, while they are green, or is it too late. Thank you.

Washington County Oregon

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Here is what Professor Bernadine Strik, OSU Berry crop expert says about this
"Research I've done shows that letting young plants produce fruit in the planting year, or the year after an October planting, reduces root and plant growth. Plants need to use all their energy to build the plant instead of to produce fruit in the first year." Based on these findings, removing immature fruits might be beneficial as it will divert the nutrients towards root and plant growth instead of transporting those nutrients towards the ripening fruit.