petsafe way to kill bagworms

Asked May 24, 2014, 2:09 PM EDT

I am looking for a pet safe way to kill bagworms.The trees are too large to pick them off ,they have basically destroyed our leylands but now they are attacking the green giants.I used malathion on the arbovites in the front yard and it worked well. However, our Golden Retrievers hang out in our backyard so Malathion is out of the question. Are you familiar with this product which they claim is pet safe MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER 567 ? Thank you

Chester County Pennsylvania

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There are a couple of active ingredients that you could consider:

1. Bacillus thuringiensis - this is a bacterial spore that only works on caterpillars. Use it when the caterpillars are very small. Treat the foliage because this needs to be ingested. It is sold under a number of product names.

2. Spinosad - this is another active ingredient you could use. Again, try to treat when the caterpillars are small. Bonide and Monterey are two manufactures.

Thorough coverage to the entire plant is necessary with both, which may be an issue.

I am not familiar with the insecticide you mentioned.

thank you I am going with Thruicide BT

Look for the little caterpillars in a couple of weeks.

I sprayed last night ,should I wait longer? Thanks

Yes, you will need to spray in a couple of weeks. Bagworms haven't hatched yet, unless you have a different microclimate around the plants that keeps them warmer. The best thing to do is check every day until you find them then wait another day or two so that more eggs hatch. Also, with BT, they don't die immediately. They have to feed and the material works in their digestive system. It may take 2-3 days for them to die.

thanks, i would not recommend leylands to anyone

They definitely have their issues in this part of the country.

Whatever the problem is ,I'm not sure its caterpillars.I trimmed the Leylands a while back removing the rust colored leaves and branches-it seems to have worked for some of them.however,whatever is killing the Leylands has now jumped over to the green giants(since they touch each other} My wife is going to take some pictures and try to upload them -i definitely don't want to lose the giants

I don't know what county you are in. You can bring samples in to the county Extension office for someone to check out. I am thinking this may be winter injury that is showing up now as the plants are actively trying to grow.

Can you suggest a thick hedge that i could grow in southeast pa?

Do you still want evergreens? All have some issues, particularly as they get older. I like eastern white pines, but I don't think most people do. They also have a tendency to break branches with snow and ice weight.

Im looking for a shrub hedge ,I love boxwoods but i believe they ar harmful for my golden retrievers.

Check out our native inkberry (Ilex glabra). It is an evergreen and has the general appearance of a boxwood and few pests.

I will, much appreciated.