Peach/Nectarine trees sickness

Asked May 24, 2014, 12:26 PM EDT

I have four assorted peach/nectarine trees, which I've grown from seed that are now 12+ years old. I seem to have two major issues with the trees. One, the leaves shrivel up and drop off (this is already happening, after they started healthy, pic1/pic2). Two, as the fruit begins to develop some with spots (pic3) then later develops a type of mold which engulfs the fruit, then petrifies it (pic4). This cycle started around 3 years ago, even with care from a tree professional (2 years), the result has been the same. Any guidance on a resolution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

New Castle County Delaware

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Thank you for contacting Delaware Cooperative Extension. Tree fruits can be challenging to grow in a home garden. First, most fruit trees are grafted, that is a desirable variety is grafted onto a sturdy root stock base, to prevent disease.
Your picture shows some damage to the fruit that comes from feeding by plum curculio, a small insect that leaves a semi circle scar. Your last picture is what we call a "mummy", a fruit that is left with fungal growth from a disease called brown rot.
You will want to have your fruit trees on a spray program, with at least three sprays a year of a combination insecticide and fungicide, following bloom. Look for fruit tree spray at your retail location, and apply according to the label. You will also want to remove all of the mummies (old fruit) that you can each year, because they will serve as reservoirs of the fungus to affect the blossoms and fruit the following year.

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Dear Nancy,
Thank you for quick and informative response.
I hope to use the info to make my trees happy again.