Canning Salsa

Asked May 24, 2014, 1:06 AM EDT

Hi, When canning salsa, may I use more of one vegetable than the other as long as I keep the amount of total vegetables in the recipe the same as a tested recipe (e.g., if recipe has 4 cups onions and 6 cups peppers; is it safe to use 2 cups onions and 8 cups peppers)?

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Salsa recipes are carefully checked for adequate acidity so exchanging onions for peppers (or vice versa) would upset that balance, so we recommend that people follow the recipe as published.There is a new option though. The National Center for Home Food Preservation has published what they have named "Choice Salsa." That recipe does allow you to add your desired combination of peppers and onions. It has enough acid in the lemon or lime juice to make up for any combination. It would be worth trying. I see there is no garlic in this recipe, but you could add garlic powder if you like that flavor and that would not change the safety of the recipe.