gardening - transplant peppers how deep?

Asked May 23, 2014, 7:47 PM EDT reports you can deep plant peppers like tomatoes and they root from the stem. So I did that. Your comment, please. Is deeper planting of peppers advised? I'll cover that raised bed (has tomatoes, too) until "summer" with heat kicks in, so the soil will be nice and warm.

Lane County Oregon

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When planted deep, peppers do not usually grow adventitious roots from the stem like tomato plants will. The recommendation is to transplant peppers to the same depth of the current root ball and if the plant is leggy then use staking to support it. The risk with planting peppers deep is that a stem rot might develop if the conditions are right (excess moisture, diseases present in the soil, etc.) For more information on growing peppers see this OSU Extension publication (will download a pdf):
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