Sago Palm "topping"

Asked May 23, 2014, 1:58 PM EDT

My sago palm had pups growing all over the top to the extent that the host plant was not sprouting it's own leaves or bloom. This has been going on for two seasons. This season I cut out all the pups from the top. The remaining "top" looked a mess so I cut off the top at a point just below the old pup mess to get a clean base and I could see the core ring of the main plant. Did I just kill my established sago palm or will it endure and start spouting it's own leaves again? The fresh cut site has contracted from drying out, and the core has shrunk in on itself a few inches in a concave manner. Thanks for your thoughts. E.

Denton County Texas

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I think the growing point of the main plant may have died (due to freeze, drought or other reasons), which encouraged proliferation of pups. Cutting out those pups is probably not going to help bringing the main plant to grow out. I would leave the top pup and let it to grow as the 'new main plant'. Good luck!