Winter kill of shrubs

Asked May 23, 2014, 1:07 PM EDT

How do I know if yews that are mostly brown after this winter are in fact dead? How long do I wait to find out

Emmet County Michigan

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A few questions arise here: were your yews in a hedge form or stand alone? Were they on the south side of the house, close or further away? These questions are relevant considering how far north in Michigan you are living. You don't have to answer the questions except to yourself based on the following information: If in hedge form. They may have had enough protection from each other a portion of each plant to have survived our very tough winter this past season. Likewise how close to the house they were located will have an influence on their survivability. Closer it lives in small part and further away not so much success. At any rate I think you should give them to the end of June to see if they are going to recover. By then you should either see green starting to renew or nothing at all. There will be some judicious pruning to be done should the green start up again otherwise you start up again with more winter hardy varietals. They are out there. Thank you for using the Ask An Expert System