How do i become a caregiver for my sister who is on disability?

Asked May 23, 2014, 11:19 AM EDT

I want to become my younger sisters caregiver. She is 41 and has been on social security disability since November 2009. She has brain damage, short term memory loss and back, neck chronic pain from var accidents, fibromyalgia, seizures that are controlled with medication , migraines and recently cysts on her ovaries causing much pain and menstrual issues as well as a situation where she woke up and could not move any of her muscles, had problems seeing and it took her 7 hours to call someone for help. She had to go to the ER, by the time she got there she just had bruising and scrapes from falling and sore muscles, but she could 'function', so they sent her home with a diagnosis of vertigo. She has been experiencing tingling in her arms, and visual issues (MS and other conditions run in the family). She lost her state insurance, and I believe that's why the hospital didn't want to do further testing. However, her doctor said in her follow up that she needs to see a neurologist that specializes in MS. She has a 15 year old daughter she has half the time and she as well is on our lease as well. Gina asked me a,while back and we found a home to rent together. I need help with caring for Gina and her needs, can you please send me information so I can help my sister out? Thanks so much!

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Thank you for your question. Your best place to start in seeking help for your sister is probably the Milwaukee County Department of Human Services: See also You can also use to find resources tailored for your sister's condition/location.

With regard to becoming a caregiver for your sister, please note that caregiving can take many different forms with regard to responsibility, roles, finances, etc. A good place to start reading might be or