sun rose shrub

Asked May 23, 2014, 11:02 AM EDT

I have a large sun rose shrub and the center and multiply external branches look dead( from this winter's weather?) I trimmed them all out and although about a 1/3 is blooming it is now mis-shapen and am uncertain if new growth will occur in the areas i pruned. Would it be best to take it out:( or cross my fingers to see if any new growth occurs? I have amended the base with Excelerite.

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Do you have a "rock rose", Cistus? "Sun rose" is the more common name for Helianthemum, a small plant, though the flowers have a similar "tissue paper" appearance.
If yours is Cistus, check out this article from OSU Extension, "Cistus shrubs can thrive in western Oregon's summer drought",
Cistus will have die-back from summer watering and from our coldest winters, like the last one. You can reshape the bush after blooming, cutting branches back to growing buds. However, if you have to cut back into the woody branches, starting over may be the thing to do. These plants grow pretty fast.
I'm not sure the rare Earth minerals will matter, as Cistus grow well in poor soil.