Fertilizer Application Rates Wilson/Karnes/Goliad Counties

Asked May 22, 2014, 1:20 PM EDT

I am also looking for input regarding typical crop fertilizer rates for a parallel task as we try to estimate nutrient loads across the county. Initially we used a selection of soil sample from SWCD staff in Karnes County and the tool available from A&M’s soils lab to obtain recommended fertilizer application rates. The highest and lowest recommendations were averaged, and these very rough estimates are in the attached file.

Can you speak to whether or not fertilizers are typically used in rates close to these, or point me to material that could be used to better refine the estimates to account for seasonal fluctuations, crop rotation, and crop uptake? Any information or contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Wilson County Texas

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The fertilizer rates that you have attached looked to be on the high side for Wilson County. The average dryland corn N rate would be around 100 lbs of N per acre and the information that you have has it at 167.5 lbs of N per acre. In Wilson county that high of a N rate would might occur on a irrigation corn crop but not as a average for the county. I would recommend that you call some local fertilizer dealers. Keith or Gerald Lubianski would be great contacts at Gerald Lubianski Enterprises, Inc. 1003 South 2nd Street Floresville, TX 78114 ph: 830-393-6577