Chickens not laying

Asked May 22, 2014, 12:58 PM EDT

I have three Red Sex link hens that are 14 months old. Two have been very consistent layers with an egg a day since they started laying. The other one has been more sporadic and has pretty much quit laying now. Every once in a while I will get a very small egg without a yolk from her. The other two have have now stopped laying. I only got one egg the other day and it was a shell-less egg. I have them on a layer feed and give them oyster shell and grit. I have never given them sctrach feed. I do let them free range for a couple of hours each day. We do give them kitchen scraps every now and then. I've seen no evidence of mites or lice and they otherwise appear healthy. Could they be getting ready to moult?

Peach County Georgia

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It is possible that they are going into a molt, they have been laying a while and need to slow down. However this usually occures in the fall. For hens to go out of production over a short period of time, usually something has changed. Different feed, lights, lack of feed or water water for a short period of time. It could even be a new barking dog in the neighborhood. See if you can figure out what has changed and fix it. they will eventually re cycle and start laying again in a few weeks.