wood burned ash cn be use for vermocompost.

Asked May 22, 2014, 1:28 AM EDT

hi sir my name is gupta from bangalore india we have a wood (neem and jungle wood ) ash production daily 40 kgs it can be possible to use vermicompost along with green leaves and dry leaves please conform,

Outside United States

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Ash in small amounts is fine in vermicompost as long as it's pure wood (no painted/treated wood or charcoal), as it can raise pH levels if necessary and can provide grit for the worms. It won't, however, provide any nutrition for the worms. On a large scale, a study was done in India a few years back to see if vermicomposting could be used to treat fly ash (smokestack scrubbings) when mixed with large amounts of cow manure. The results were positive when compared to manure/fly ash compost alone (no worms). Considering the volume of ash you are considering, my best guess is that you would need to add an immense amount of green matter and/or manure to make it work. Here is a link to the study I referenced (they used earthworms, not red worms, and found a 1:3 ash to manure ratio yeilded the best results): http://www.ecology.kee.hu/pdf/0601_077084.pdf Hope you found this helpful--best of luck to you.