difficulty in growing Quinoa

Asked May 21, 2014, 8:52 AM EDT

I am from India. trying to grow quinoa. doing expriemnts in my balcony suing pots filled with soil from my farm. I have some observagtions as listed below. Ans few queries two. Please be kind to clarrify my doubts. Germination is observer in 24 hours plants are coming out amd schieving height of 2 Inches in less 8 days after sowing. but on 30th day , once 6/8 small leaves are visible, plant is bending down and touching grounf. Plant height is also only 4 inces. plant is very thin. but again plant si starting look upward after nearly touching the ground. will share further observation. My query is , is it a normal phenomenon of plant collapsing after 30 days and again getting a strength to stand erect,

Outside United States

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The best way to find out why you are having trouble growing quinoa is to continue to research the production of this crop. What soil conditions are present, have you had your soil tested? Are you providing too much or not enough water?
There are many websites that provide additional agronomic information, a good collection of websites can be found at the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center at www.agmrc.org. There is a specific page just for quinoa that can be accessed at: http://www.agmrc.org/commodities__products/grains__oilseeds/quinoa/. Please review this site for links to University and other organization's information.