Oak tree issue

Asked May 20, 2014, 11:45 AM EDT

This is a picture of a tree in my front yard and the leaves are turning brown around the edges. What I find on the internet is some kind of oak leaf scorch, but I was wondering if you can check my picture and give me any insight into what it is (for sure), what caused it, and if it will recover. Probably 90% of the tree has already shed it's leaves. Thank you. Debra

Lampasas County Texas

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Thank you for your inquiry.
The photo exhibit a symptom known as marginal scorching on (what looks like a) Live Oak.
It is possible that the tree is experiencing the results of oak leaf scorch (aka bacterial leaf scorch). It is also possible that this symptom show up as a result of the inability of the root to provide sufficient water to the tree. Therefore, the following are other possibilities for the genesis of this symptom:
1. severe root damage or trauma in the past 1-3 years.
2. Drought-like conditions coupled with warm, dry winds prior to symptom appearance.
3. If occur suddenly on large portion of tree (>80%) - sudden traumatic environmental incident (1-3 week prior to symptom observation).
4. incompatible chemical usage - over fertilization or inadvertent use of incompatible herbicides (ie. weed and feed type products).