Pond maintenance

Asked May 20, 2014, 9:46 AM EDT

Are than any regulations for maintaining a pond in p.a.? I have a question can my neighbor not treat or airate a pond that overlaps on my property but belongs to her. The pond has a smell coming out of it, full of Mosquitos, bugs, black bugs, dead fish, turtles and algae. In approaching owner she stated she doesn't live in the home she lives in westchester county she doesn't care what the pond looks like.

Pike County Pennsylvania

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The turtles, bugs, and algae may be naturally and healthy for a pond depending on the type. Having decomposing organisms is unpleasant but the biggest concern from what you mentioned is mosquitos, which can carry disease (they are "vectors"). For mosquito control questions for Pike County, contact the northeast regional office of the PA Dept. of Environment Protection (DEP) - (570) 826-2511. For information on local property maintenance ordinances, contact your township government.

For general information about pond mangement you can visit http://extension.psu.edu/water/ponds