Which Professor will be available?

Asked May 19, 2014, 7:02 PM EDT

I was selected as a fellowship student by Ministry of National Education to get my MS degree in Mycology. However, I realised that there are three majors that maybe related to mycology( microbiology, plant biology, and plant pathology) . My government requires me to get degree in Mycology. I am wondering regarding which department will be best choice to me for application because I am applying now for Fall 2014. My government desires to see exact department's name as "Mycology". Hence, could you help me to select the best available department to me and also for my government's desire? Yours sincerely,


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Thank you for contacting Delaware Cooperative Extension.
Many academic departments in the U.S. Universities have been combined in recent years. For example, our department is Plant & Soil Sciences, and our small group of plant pathologists are housed withi that department. I'm afraid I do not have the knowledge of what departments may have a pure mycology program. You may want to search for names of researchers in mycological literature and then check on their departments for their respective universities. I apologize for not being of greater assistance.

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