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Asked May 19, 2014, 12:20 PM EDT

I have a fig tree about 5 years old and is about 10ft tall which has been baring wonderful figs every year.But this year it doesn't have a leaf yet except for a few shoots at the base of the trunk. What could be the problem ?

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Because of the long cold winter and spring everything is later this year. Give the tree a week or two to leaf out. However it is possible that because of the cold winter the tree will not leaf out at all. If that is the case remove the dead branches and let the tree grow again from the base. Figs are winter hardy in zones 8 to 10. In zone 7 (your zone) they are OK most winters but in one like we just had they probably should be wrapped. Check out this link


Hello Tony : Thank you for your answer.When you say let the tree grow again from the base do you mean at the trunk near the ground. My tree 'is about 8" in dia. at that point. Artie.....................


As i am sure you appreciate It is impossible to determine it the tree is alive through email messages. An arborist would be most qualified to determine this now at the site especially for a tree of this size. There are some clues as to whether if the tree is alive or dead.. The small branches should be supple and not break when bent. If you scratch off the bark off of the softer branches there should be a green layer underneath. However these are only clues and the true test is whether the tree leafs out. If you wait a few weeks and get no leaves anywhere in the tree then it is probably time to cut it down to the green shoots or call an arborist if you need verification.