Organic remedies for shothole on Cherry leaves.

Asked May 18, 2014, 6:45 PM EDT

Hi, I noticed a pretty sever problem with shothole on my cherry tree. It is a grafted tree with four different types of cherries. What can I do now to help remedy the situation and what should I do in the future?

Multnomah County Oregon

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Holes in cherry leaves can be due to many different things.
There is a fungal problem specifically called "shothole" but there are not a lot of people who use that term for it which is why I am skeptical. Good information on the control of shothole in sweet cherry is lacking. Much of our information is derived for the same disease on peaches or almonds. Applications of fungicides past shuck split may be needed in years when heavy spring rains continue past bloom.
But you might also have a virus problem that also can produce holes in leaves, in which case, there is little you can do:
And of course there are many insects that might eat holes in the leaves.
Bottom line, you need to get a good diagnosis of the problem to develop a management tactic. Take a sample to your local nursery center, extension office or plant clinic.