Should I spray my plum tree?

Asked May 16, 2014, 9:40 AM EDT

I live in Reading, Pennsylvania, and have a semi-dwarf purple plum tree. In 2012, we had a lot of plums (a bushel), but when ripe, they tasted like they were rotten inside. I went to the ag center in Berks County and was told that the tree may have had brown rot. In 2013, I sprayed the tree but then had no fruit. This spring (2014), the tree had a lot of flowers. The flowers are gone, and it seems as though a lot of fruit is forming. Is there a spray or anything I can use at this time to help ensure that I get a good crop of plums?

Berks County Pennsylvania

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The best solution we can offer is to suggest that you purchase Penn State's publication Fruit Production for the Home Gardener. This guide has detailed information about all the insect and disease issues you are likely to encounter and the recommended strategy for each.