Will condensation inside jelly jars cause mold?

Asked May 15, 2014, 6:36 PM EDT

I have been using the Ball Jam and Jelly Maker to make grape jelly. I have used the exact recipe in the book and have followed your water bath canning method exactly. When I have popped open jars (after they cool for 24 hours) I notice that there is condensation on the bottom of the lid and a little on top of the jelly. Jars are all sealed, 1/4" headspace, etc. Will this be a problem and cause mold? It has happened with the last 2 batches and I'm frustrated that it means the jelly will spoil if it is stored in the pantry for the usual 12 months.-Laura

Clackamas County Oregon

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Hi Laura,If the jelly was poured into the jars hot, properly processed and sealed it should not mold. It sounds like this is condensation because the jelly was hot, as it should have been, so steam was still rising off the top of the jelly.There may be some weeping, which means the product continues to gel and force some moisture out even after it is set. It could condense on the jar lid. I think these will be ok. If you remain concerned, you could always refrigerate them. Let me know if you have other questions. Jeanne

Thank you for the info! Is it okay/safe to store weepy jelly in the pantry for 12 months, as long as the jar is sealed and it has been processed normally, or does it need to be refrigerated? Thanks, Jeanne!

Yes, these should be safe to store. Make sure your pantry is cool. Jellies jut don't maintain their fresh flavor, color and texture as long as most other products, but having a cool, dark place for them helps extend the length of time they are good quality. Jeanne