Preserving Mayonnaise

Asked May 15, 2014, 4:22 PM EDT

Hello, I have a homemade mayonnaise-based condiment I've been making for years but now would like to jar and preserve. I have found limited information on this but did come across an article describing why heat-preserving methods won't work for store-bought mayonnaise. But I can't find anything about preserving homemade mayonnaise. I would prefer to make my condiment with homemade mayonnaise and have it be shelf stable and unrefrigerated after canning. I have some concerns about using heat to preserve homemade mayonnaise after the other ingredients are mixed in, but am happy to experiment with that process. I just need to know before I jump in to more experimenting if I'm going about preserving the mayonnaise base properly.

Multnomah County Oregon

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This sounds interesting, but unfortunately, we don't have information about developing products and testing them for safe processing. I suggest you contact Sarah Masoni at OSU Food Innovation Center, Naito Parkway, Portland. She assists entrepreneurs in developing products for market and may have some information, or at least know who to contact for further guidance.

Sarah Masoni

Product Development Manager (Agricultural Experiment Station)
tel: 503-872-6655

Hello Jeanne,

Thank you for your answer, I will look in to Sarah's class next. I'm even more curious about this issue now since I can't find any info online either. Thanks again!