Mushroom growing out of our crabapple tree.

Asked May 14, 2014, 9:33 PM EDT

We have a crabapple tree that had a large mushroom growing out of an area where a limb had been sawed off some time ago. The area also seems very wet and there appears to be some sign of sap that has leaked from the tree as well.

I've removed the mushroom and it has left a sizable hole. I've read that this can be a sign that the tree may be dying. What can I do to help protect and save this tree?

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The mushroom growth on the tree is a sign that there is decay in this area. The area where a branch or limb has been removed and not healed properly is a weakened area and can be infected with what are usually wind-borne fungal spores. With a crabapple, this fungal organism is trametes hirsuta which produces a conk that is shelf-like, brown to gray, banded and coarsely hairy; the lower surface is white to tan. Does this resemble the conk you removed? This particular fungi causes a white rot of apple trees as well as other hardwood trees.

The amount of damage to the tree is difficult to determine from your description. I would suggest that you have the tree inspected by a tree professional to determine the extent of the damage and the best ways to deal with this issue.

Good luck with your tree.