white wilting tomato leaves

Asked May 14, 2014, 4:40 PM EDT

I have my tomato seedlings under a grow light. They are approximately 8 inches tall. On some the lower leaves are turning white then wilting and finally dying off. Meanwhile the rest of the plant seems healthy. Can you tell me what it might be and if there is anything to be done? Thank you.



Jefferson County Colorado tomato leaf curl fruit and vegetables

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Can you send me pictures?
How long have the plants been growing? Have you been running a fan on them?
I'm thinking it may be something physiological, but pictures will help.

There is no dedicated air movement except for the forced hot air system in the home. I would have accompanied my question with phots, but I removed the affected foliage. If it develops again I will photograph and send them along. The white leaf does not resemble any of the disease symptoms in my reference books. The plants were transplanted once. They are 6 weeks old. They have always been manipulated with cleansed hands. There you have it. Photos will follow soon.



A leaf disease causing a white appearance I might expect under these conditions would be powdery mildew, but it would not be confined to just the lower leaves.

Although the color isn't right, when plants' lower leaves discolor and drop off it often means the plants are getting too much water. Generally lower leaves turn yellow and may wilt before dropping. Plants can wilt from too much water as well as not enough.

From your description I don't think it is a nutrient disorder.

If it continues to happen, send me a picture and I will be happy to look at this problem further.