Asked May 14, 2014, 3:42 PM EDT

I am finding many beetle grubs in a hole I'm preparing to plant a plum tree in. I read you need to kill the larvae in the early stages? I don't know what stage they are in or the best way to treat this problem. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Teresa

El Paso County Colorado

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Hi Teresa,
thank you for your question.
Grubs are very hungry little critters and can do a lot of damage to a lawn and other plants. There are multiple types of beetle grubs in our area. I'm not sure which grubs you have in your planting hole. I'm also not sure if you are planting this tree in a lawn area or not.
If you haven't purchased your tree yet ......hold of for a bit.
I will send you a link to grubs in Colorado. I know the fact sheets talks about grubs in lawns....but on the eastern plains white grubs show up in different areas of the garden.
Teresa I want you to identify the grubs from the factsheet. The lifecycle of the individual grub/beetle is a little different , but end of may/june is emergence time, they are closer to the surface. Treatments include chemicals and nematodes that attack the larvae and destroy it. No solution will be a quick one. Most chemical treatments say they are more effective in the small larvae stage. But most likely the grubs you are dealing with are adult grubs that are ready to emerge and change to beetles.
If you have your tree already i would suggest to collect as many grubs as possible in the planting hole, still identify the grub and maybe use the suggested chemical , or possible plant your tree in a grub free area.
Please stay in touch once you have identified your grubs.
Thank you

I just noticed that I wanted to send you a different link. I apologize, getting used to a new laptop.