I have two Mesabi cherry trees currently. They are small and were planted...

Asked May 14, 2014, 3:06 PM EDT

I have two Mesabi cherry trees currently. They are small and were planted last year. We tried to find Montmorency cherry trees, but have been unable to find them at any nursery. We live on the border of zone 3 and 4. Montmorency cherry trees are known for their health benefits. I saw them at Lowe's or Walmart a few years back, but have not seen them since. I've also heard of Evans Bali and Sweet Cherry Pie cherry trees. Out of all three (Montmorency, SCP and Evans Bali, which are the best for fresh eating? sweetest flavor? ones with most health benefits (melatonin, antioxidants, which do the best in Minnesota? We'd love to plant 2-3 more cherry trees this spring. We enjoyed the Montmorency cherries in Door County. They were delicious. They say they are hardy for zone 4, but I can't find them. Are Evans Bali and/or SCP trees just as sweet and flavorful? Thanks so much!!

Mille Lacs County Minnesota

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I haven't tried SCP but did get 2 from Bailys mailorder they aren't old enough to bear (protect from rabbits). All have the sane health benefits dependent on where they are planted and all get sweeter when allowed to ripen on the tree(protect from birds). Evans Bali and Montmorency are sour pie types. Mail order is probably your best bet, I can't find them locally either. Sweet cherries haven't proven hardy in Minnesota but I keep hoping.

So, are all tart cherries (sour cherries/pie cherries) equally as healthy as the Montmorency? Montmorency cherry juice is what I see in the store touted for melatonin and antioxidants.

Sweet Cherry Pie and Evans Bali are just as healthy?

Would you say that Montmorency, Sweet Cherry Pie and Evans Bali are all equally sweet? One is not sweeter/more sour than the other? It only depends on how long the cherry is left on the tree?

All are equally healthy and more so than the stuff we can buy in the store. All varities have some differences but on average contain equal health benefit. Equally sweet is hard to pin down since it depends on the year, soil type, how much rain we get and time the fruit is left on the tree. All three cherry types have a slightly different flavor and texture.