How to counteract the use of too much fertilizer.

Asked May 13, 2014, 7:36 AM EDT

My tomato plant seedlings started soing funny things in the greenhouse when they reached about 6". After checking on things we were doing in the fertilizing process I found that the guy mixing the fertlizer was using a tablespoon of fertilizer to 2 gal of water instead of a teaspoon. In effect we've been using 3 time the recomended amout of fertilizer. It is an 8-16-8 fertilizer. How can I save my plants???????

Douglas County Colorado

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There are a number of steps you can take to save your tomato seedlings.
1. Remove any white crust you see from the fertilizer salts.
2. Fill the pot or tray with water and allow to drain. Repeat this step 4 times to leach the fertilizer from the roots.
3. Remove damaged leaves.
4. Stop fertilizing 3-4 weeks until the plant looks healthy.
5. Repot in fresh soil, if possible.
6. Switch to a low-nitrogen fertilizer when you begin fertilizing again.
Good luck!
Douglas County Master Gardeners