Hulless oats as rabbit feed

Asked May 12, 2014, 4:10 PM EDT

Want to set up 400 doe rabbit ranch in empty 60 cow dairy barn. Figure 5 litters per doe, so producing about 16,000 fryers. Butcher about 300 per week. Would have my own small feed pellet mill. Make my own rabbit feed pellets daily. Looking for info on ingredient formulas, including hulless oats and grass/alfalfa hay. Hulless oats and grass/alfalfa will be home grow. Goal is to buy as little feed as possible.

Iron County Michigan

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Sorry we do not have an expert that can help you formulate a diet for rabbits at this time. You may want to check with a local feed mill to see if they have some one available. There is an online formulate tool that can be found at:

You can find it under Online Scientific Documents on the left hand sidebar.

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Lisa Karr-Lilienthal