Bird Identification

Asked May 12, 2014, 3:12 PM EDT

I would like to know the name, etc., of a large bird that has come to my bird feeders the last few first I thought they were female turkeys, but they just don't fit the descriptions I have read & seen. These birds are about 18' long, 12' high, have bright white faces with a red crest & red protuberances on either side of their beaks. From a distance they look like they are charcoal gray, but on closer inspection, they are black & white checked on their wings & breast. Could they be domestic birds? Your help would be appreciated.

Van Buren County Michigan

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Your photo told me everything I needed to know.

These are Guineas or Guinea fowl. The color is called "pearl" because there are white spots dotting the gray. This is a domestic bird that never has become very domestic. They do not like to go into chicken coops and often sit in trees at night for safety.

The one in the photo to the foreground is a male. I'm guessing that is a female or Guinea hen behind him. They make absolutely bizarre vocalizations when they see a potential threat. It's a multi-tonal screeching.

These probably belong to a neighbor somewhere in the area. These are adult birds and do as they please. They are tough to fence in. They are not aggressive.

People have them for possibly meat or feathers or because they spend a great deal of time looking for dangers for a flock of chickens or Guineas.

Thank you for your quick reply...& yes, we found out that they belong to a neighbor.
Again thank you.

Wowee! Instantaneous success. Good luck.