I have two children who both just completed the online quality assurance...

Asked May 10, 2014, 12:25 AM EDT

I have two children who both just completed the online quality assurance through pork check off at www.pork.org. Both were able to pass the certification exam. Will this excuse them from having to do their county fair quality assurance? They are Darke co ohio residents.

Darke County Ohio

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According to state rules, the online quality assurance through the pork check off is not an acceptable alternative to attending a quality assurance training in your county. Your children must attend QA in either Darke County or another Ohio county in order to meet the requirements. The last QA session for Darke County is scheduled for tonight (May 12), 7pm, in the Youth Building at the fairgrounds. If your children are unable to attend this session, then you should contact the Extension Office (937-548-5215) for a list of QA sessions still remaining in the surrounding counties. Do not procrasinate in contacting the office, as the opportunities for QA in other counties is very slim after May 31. If you attend QA in a county other than Darke, you should expect to pay $10-$20 to attend. If you have additional questions, please contact us at the phone number listed above.

I noticed with Levi's that his certificate number is the same as when he took it through Darke county previously just updated with new date it is good through. Will this affect anything? This program is new that is offered through pork check off , it just started April 1st. I was explained to from Ohio and National Pork that it is the same program, but the boys will do whatever they need to do . Thanks so much.

According to our instructions from the state, the online certification is not acceptable for our program.

The certificate number is likely the same because we submit member information to the pork board once a member has completed our program.

Please see my previous response to your question for your options to complete QA for 2014 in order to meet Ohio's certifcation requirements.