Hello! I think it is getting late to start tomatoes and peppers from seed, so...

Asked May 9, 2014, 5:29 PM EDT

Hello! I think it is getting late to start tomatoes and peppers from seed, so where would you suggest to purchase veg plants that are healthy and a good value for the money? Also I would really prefer organic plants but they cost more, so of the non-organic plants, are there chemicals that will remain in the plant and also in the edible fruit or vegetable? My soil sample called for 20-0-5 fertilizer, is that available or will I have to calculate a 10-0-0 for the nitrogen and another for the potash? What would cause the phosphorus to be at such a high level(+25 very high)? Thank you!!

Sherburne County Minnesota vegetables excess phosphorus

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Most local Farmer's Markets are now offering started plants from near-by growers. I'm not sure who they are in your area but a trip to one of the markets is always fun, and by next weekend most growers will have lots of plants ready to go, Many of them are also organic produces.

Otherwise you could call around to any of you local garden centers to see if they are offering organic veggies this year.

Minnesota soils are naturally high in phosphate, and it is now illegal for home-owners to fertilize lawns with formulations that contain phosphate because the run-off contributes to water pollution and excess algae growth. You are correct in that you may have to buy a fertilizer that shows the middle number to be 0 - or less than 1/3 of the Nitrogen number.
Here is a link that tells you how to interpret your soil test results.

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