green briar

Asked May 9, 2014, 2:50 PM EDT

i have roundleaf greenbriar growing in my coastal bermudagrass pasture. Can you recommend a product to eradicate it and not harm nearby oak trees

Parker County Texas

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Hello,For greenbriar control, our most current chemical weed and brush control publication indicates the use of Triclopyr or Dicamba+2,4-D and in both cases recommends mixing with diesel fuel for a basal stem application. I would not think the use of the diesel fuel in a coastal bermudagrass pasture or around desirable trees would be good.So I suggest you contact Extension Range Specialist, James Jackson in Stephenville who deals with weed and brush control daily. Hopefully he will have a better suggestion. His email address is: and his phone number is: 254-968-4144 Hope this helps.Jon GreenCEA-Ag/NR, Parker County