How deep do I need to bury my chicken wire to keep pocket gophers out?

Asked May 9, 2014, 11:52 AM EDT

I live in West Lakeland and have sandy soil. I'm wanting to put in a vegetable garden and need to know how deep I need to bury my chicken wire to keep pocket gophers out? Also, we live in a pine barren and have many dead trees from the pine bark beetle. I read that if you have sandy soil that drains fast, you can bury wood a certain depth and it will act in a composting manner and hold moisture near the surface. Is pine wood acidic? How deep should you bury it, and is there any truth behind this theory?

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The following website explains how to foil pocket gophers with chicken wire: Pocket Gophers

In summary, a pocket gopher fence should be installed at least 24 inches below ground (or down to the hardpan or bedrock) and 6 inches above ground.

Pine wood isn't acidic enough to significantly affect the pH of surrounding soil.

We presume the compost/garden method you mentioned is the one known as hugelkultur. The practice is uncommon in the U.S., but it is being introduced to those who want to know more about it at several universities, most notably in Oregon and Washington.

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