Where I can get tadpoles for my backyard pond?

Asked May 9, 2014, 8:08 AM EDT

Do you know where I can get tadpoles for my backyard pond - to avoid mosquitoes? OR do you have another solution for keeping mosquitoes away from a small backyard pond?

Baltimore County Maryland

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We definitely have another option other than tadpoles for you. There are products available that have a bacterial insecticide for the larval stages of mosquitoes but is harmless to people, birds, and other wildlife. The active ingredient is Bt Israelensis, and the products are commonly known as "mosquito dunks" and can be found at many stores and nurseries. The most common kind look a little like small tan-colored donuts which you just put in the pond or other standing water on your property.

Asian tiger mosquitoes are the most annoying newish pest mosquito which bite during daylight hours and can reproduce in tiny amounts of water. Here is a link to learning about mosquitoes in general and, at the bottom of the article, an additional link to learn about the Asian tiger mosquitoes and their control: Mosquitoes.