seed collecting - hulless pumpkins

Asked May 8, 2014, 8:26 PM EDT

Last fall we collected seeds from a hulless seed pumpkin. Can we expect hulless seeds from the seeds we collected if we use these seeds for planting? I believe the variety is called "Beppo." Thank you!

Lane County Oregon

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Looks like the Beppo pumpkin variety is a hybrid. Here is an OSU Extension article which describes hybrid seeds:

A quote from the article, "...hybrids do not "breed true." They do not produce seeds that will grow into plants exactly like themselves, because in the next generation, the genes have segregated into many new combinations, explained Baggett. What this means to the home gardener is that reliable seed cannot be saved from hybrid plants. Seed for hybrid varieties must be purchased year after year from the seed companies or nurseries, unless you want to gamble and grow an array of offspring."

Hope this helps and happy gardening!