I have a weeping cherry that has always bloomed well. This year there have...

Asked May 8, 2014, 8:10 PM EDT

I have a weeping cherry that has always bloomed well. This year there have been no blooms, there are very few leaves or buds, but branches have a lot of spring - don't feel dead. Any hope for this tree?

Miami County Ohio

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There are numerous reasons that your cherry tree did not bloom. I would agree with the following answer on this question from the Garden Web. Quote:


  • Annual pruning is vital to the health of weeping cherry trees. Pruning keeps the weeping shape of the branches looking trimmed and aesthetically pleasing, and leaves enough space between them for healthy blossoming. Overcrowded branches will not produce blooms.

Winter Damage

  • Winter damage, or damage from a late frost, has the potential to stop a weeping cherry tree from blooming. Ice, snow and frost damage late in the winter season kills off new growth, such as leaf and flower buds, stopping the weeping cherry tree from blossoming. Pruning after frost damage can encourage new growth.

Fungal Disease

  • Fungal diseases are transmitted through airborne spores or insect damage, and affect a tree from the inside out. Many fungal diseases begin at the roots of the tree, like root rot. Over time, damage caused by fungal diseases can weaken the tree and prevent it from blooming.

Of the three causes listed I would believe that the winter damage would be the reason that yours did not bloom. I see that you live in Miami County and I know that you had a couple nights when the wind chill was near 30 degrees below zero.
I would do as it said under pruning and then give it another year.