drip irrigation

Asked May 8, 2014, 5:47 PM EDT

We are putting in a new drip system. For the main supply lines from the water source to the beginning of the emitters, we need to decide between poly pipe and PVC. Which is better in this climate? 100 psi poly pipe buried 14" down should be OK in frosts, we were told. However, we were also told that animals may tear into it, and that PVC is better because animals can't bite it. I'd prefer to use poly pipe as this is an organic vegetable garden.

Jackson County Oregon

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I just spoke with the lead plumber here at OSU. He said if you have the system live year around Oregon code is 24 inches. If you are turning it off after the growing season 14 inches is fine. He uses poly pipe in his garden here in Corvallis but not sure of the critters down south.