We have three mature evergreen trees. Because of the severe winter as well as...

Asked May 8, 2014, 4:13 PM EDT

We have three mature evergreen trees. Because of the severe winter as well as the age of the trees, numerous needles have fallen into the lawn. I've raked some of them out, but many remain. They are relatively small. Will they damage the lawn and is there a treatment to aid decomposition such as lime or other?

Dakota County Minnesota

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Just leave them, and thinning of turf is caused by the deep shade the tree produces.

Dennis M.
Thank you, but they have blown over other parts of the yard, not just under the branches. I'm concerned that the lawn will not do well in other parts. Will normal fertilizing mitigate the potential problem? Thanks.

There is no problem unless they are 3-4" deep. They break down slowly but are not acidic enough to cause problems. Fertilize this Fall so your turf will come back great next Spring.

Thanks so much especially after hours. Not to prolong this, but a friend who graduated many years ago from turf school recommends Milorganite. What is your opinion of this as a fertilizer? Thanks.

Milorganite is the trademark of a biosolids fertilizer produced by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. The District captures wastewater from the Milwaukee metropolitan area, including local industries. This water is then treated at the Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with microbes to digest nutrients that are found in it. Cleaned water is then returned to Lake Michigan. The recycled product, high nitrogen fertilizer, is sold throughout the world, reduces the need for manufactured nutrients, and after more than 75 years is one of the largest and most continuous examples of such programs. Some tests have been shown to contain heavy metals so use caution.

Thank you! Greatly appreciated. You provide a great service.