Saint Theresa Seedless Grape In Container

Asked May 7, 2014, 3:27 PM EDT

Hi, I live in Denver and wanted to get your thoughts about growing Saint Theresa Seedless Grape in a cedar container 2' x 6' with 18" of soil. I understand that I will need to trellis and prune it, but am afraid if it will over-winter and if it will produce any fruit in a container. Thanks.

Denver County Colorado

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It would be better if this cedar container was essentially a raised bed over existing soil. But if not and your cedar container has a bottom or will be used over paving or something other than soil, the 18 cubic feet of soil in your container is sufficient for growing a grapevine. The vine size and harvest may be reduced.
During winter, wood chip mulch over the top and stacked up against it may help to insulate the container.