poanna control in turf-type ryegrass fall feeding and new pre/post emergents

Asked May 6, 2014, 7:17 PM EDT

I live in Southwest Portland and have persistent poa annua infestations. I read your answers to Alec K from 2-27-2013. The information is very helpful. I need more information about the Fall feeding--what is the area for the formula of 6#s nitrogen, 1# phosphorus, 4#s potassium, supplemented with 2#s sulfer a year. Is this applied once or twice a year (except for the sulfer) and when? I would also like to know about any more recent pre/post-emergents that are on the market that are work well in the Pacific Northwest, e.g., Tenacity (mesotrione), Eschelon SC (Sulfentrazone, Prodiamine). Velocity is out of my price range.

Multnomah County Oregon lawns and turf poa annua

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6#s nitrogen, 1# phosphorus, 4#s potassium, supplemented with 2#s sulfur per 1,000 sq ft per year. I would break these into 4 or 6 application - applied in April, May, June, Sept, October and November.

Some preemergence herbicides effective on annual bluegrass include…
Pendulum - pendimethalin
Prograss - ethofumesate
Balan - benefin
Bensumec - bensulide
Dimension - dithiopyr
Quali-Pro Prodiamine - prodiamine

Post-emergence herbicides include...
Velocity - bispyribac sodium
Prograss - ethofumesate